We acquired our first cat in Autumn 1972, a ginger and white moggy called Nog. He was one of four kittens looking for homes I took him and my 'housemates' took his sister. Nog later adored the Burmese and behaved as if he was the father of all the kittens. He was our first kitten sitter and the reason why I still can't see passed a ginger & white HP !

We first saw a Burmese in December 1975, David's sister had just bought a blue kitten and I (Janet) fell for her. David decided to buy me a kitten, we phoned around the country and eventually were put in touch with Joan Britton who said she had a blue girl of show quality. She sent the kitten to us by train and I will never forget an exquisite tiny blue kitten purring her socks off and pushing into the grill on the basket as we collected her off the train. We named the kitten Blu (very original!) when she was about a year old we contacted Val Kilby, who lived nearby, about using her blue stud (Ch Silkpaws Blue Smoke). We visited Val and she suggested we showed Blu.

However it was when we visited Val that we saw our first red Burmese - talk about a 'coup de foudre'!!

So it was on a snowy Saturday morning in January 1977 I went on the Northern Counties coach to the N'East of Scotland show in Montrose. You can imagine my surprise when Blu won the CC in a class of four. The cat showing bug was well and truly born!

Later that year after having had a litter of blue kittens to Val's blue boy we took Blu to Ch Silkpaws Red Dragon and in September she gave birth to a litter containing a brown tortie who we called Gemma.

We continued to show Blu making her up to champion at the Lancs show in 1978 and Gemma at the Scottish show in 1979.Thus we had a champion Ch Chiaming Blujade. Gemma was then shown in the grand classes winning 3 Res Gr CCs in a row each time behind a different boy (Grands were not split in those days) eventually Gemma gained her Grand title in Sept 1981 at Northern Counties. We had bred our first home bred Grand, Gr Ch Blujade Spectrum and only the second tortie Grand Champion. Gemma produced Amy (Gr Ch Pulsars Inamorata) in 1980 and incidentally she gained her championship on the same day her mum made Grand. Amy gained her qualifying Grand at Edinburgh in 82 becoming the second red female grand champion.

It was also at the Scottish in 79 that our new baby Cleo (Ch Pulsars Charisma) was BIS foreign kitten. Cleo made champion at Notts & Derbys in 79 and won a Res Gr CC ar Cov & Leics in 80 and a Gr CC shortly afterwards at Preston & Blackpool. These were the only times she was shown in the 'Grand' but she did beat Gemma on each occasion!! We believe Cleo was the first lilac girl to win a Gr CC in Britain.

Until March 2001 Blu was the only Burmese we have bought and all the Pulsars are her descendants.

I began stewarding in the early 80's and was advised to join the Burmese stewarding scheme which I did and David joined a couple of years later. I became a probationer judge in 1984 and was promoted in June 1986 at the same Council meeting David became a probationer judge and he was promoted in 1988. We have both gone on to be judges of Asians and Tonkinese.

We have always shown our cats but went through a lean spell in the mid to late 80's, that is until Chloe (Gr Ch Pulsars Xtravaganza) was born in early 88. She was our first chocolate tortie and my all time favourite. We also had a young male (Pulsars Viceroy), Mitch gained 2 CC's and then was spooked at a show when there was the smell of the circus remaining, so he wasn't shown again. However Mitch & Chloe produced some lovely kittens the first being our 'kitten sitter extraordinaire' Benji (Gr Ch & UK Gr Ch Pulsars Chances Are). Benji had a wonderful show career both as an entire ( BIS exhibit at the 91 Burmese Cat Club show, 2 days before he was neutered ) and as a neuter (12 consecutive shows with only 1st placings). Benji retired from showing to look after kittens & be a much loved pet, unfortunately he died in June 2003. We repeated the mating on a number of occasions producing some lovely kittens including our own very beautiful Cassie (Gr Ch Pulsars Encore) and our first brown title holder (UK Gr Ch Pulsars Jolly Rodger owned by Julian & Carol Hague). Chloe was only unfaithful to Mitch the once, when she visited Bambino Blue Chip and produced six girls including Gracie (Ch Pulsars Goodness Gracious) our first chocolate champion.

Cassie has also produced some beautiful reds including our own stud Zak (Gr Ch Pulsars Viscount) and his older sisters Poppy (Ch Pulsars Simply Red)& Sonja (UK Gr Ch & Gr Pr Pulsars Sonja owned by Kym Jarvis). Zak & Poppy produced Baz (Gr Pr Pulsars Xample) who took over the job of kitten sitter. However in March 2001 Aby (Gr Ch Rossikhan New Beginning) joined us. She was a lilac, grand daughter of one of David's all time favourites Gr Ch & Gr Pr Rossikhan Bon Ton. We made Aby up to Grand. Her daughter Molly (Ch Pulsars Cancaniere) made champion. We kept a red girl Maisie ( Ch & Gr Pr Pulsars Bagatelle) grand daughter of Simply Red. She produced us Layla(Ch Pulsars Mignonne Marbre), who then produced Lucy (Pulsars Nymphe Nacre)

In 2008 Oliver (Gr Ch Rossikhan Ursa Major) joined us. Bertie a golden retriever joined us in 2009 & is proving to be a very good kitten sitter.